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Inside the human body


Why do people sneeze? Who had the longest nose? How much memory does a brain have? “Inside the Human Body” museum will answer hundreds of your questions.

They say “the theater starts with the wardrobe”, and a journey through the human body begins with the tongue. You will also learn how many times in a lifetime we bend our fingers and what us humans have in common with koalas. What produces more power – human heart or the Titanic’s engine? Don’t take our words for an answer – you will see it all with your own eyes!

Children and adults can touch and photograph everything during the mini adventure.

Forget boring anatomy textbooks! Welcome to the inner world of the human body.


Moscow, 4 Maliy Nikolopeskovsky by-street
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+7 (499) 340-01-13

Working hours:
from 11:30 to 23:30, daily

VK group:

Age limit:

Buy ticket for 350 Buy ticket for 91 ** when buying a unified ticket to all attractions

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