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The museum of records and facts “Believe it or not”


In the world, there's is a 5-meter donut. Scientists have invented a head holder for underground sleepers. On Bali, they saw newlyweds' teeth. And in Kazan, “Believe it or not” museum has opened, where you can see it all with your own eyes and take a photo!

To visit China or Mars, see the Chupacabra or an eight-legged goatling, take a picture with Angelina Jolie or Elvis Presley, you just need to go to the new entertaining museum at Baumana street 35. It took the museum's founders 17 years to gather the collection of the most rare and unusual things from more than 80 countries around the world.

The exhibits amaze, entertain, educate, surprise, and even shock! Bright emotions and unusual photos are enticing you! Here you will discover a new world!

Who are Gollum, the star-nosed mole, and Mothman? Why do we need an atomic clock? What is Hitler's favorite dish? What do the first mobile phone and the first Guinness Book of Records look like? What's the name of the woman with the tightest waist and of the man with the longest nose?

The museum's visitors get into the surprising world inhabited by dogs looking like clowns, by mermaids and aliens.

The exhibits are by definition “the most”: the fastest car, the biggest ice-cream, the tiniest dinosaur, the biggest heart in the world, belonging to the whale.

Both kids and adults will like the museum, as here you can try on a radio hat, see cities on Mars, and, of course, take the most unusual photos!


Moscow, 4 Arbat St., stroenie 1
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+7 (495) 966-15-36

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from 11:00 to 23:00, daily

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